Description of the Event

The Miba Innovation Challenge Day is an event series designed for students and young professionals to work on exciting topics that will determine a successful future (e.g. Digitalization & Industry 4.0; Artificial Intelligence, E-Mobility,…)
The Miba Innovation Challenge Day – Cocktail Night takes place December 06th 2017, starting at 6:30pm.


Teichwerk, Johannes Kepler University
Altenberger Straße 69, 4040 Linz


Challenge Miba's top management

Engage in a Start-up environment and challenge Miba's top management. At the day of the event you have the chance to listen to our CEO, F. Peter Mitterbauer's Key-Note and build your network in a relaxed atmosphere. This event will deal with Artificial Intelligence.


Challengers and Networkers

Work as a Challenger in a team of two to three people to complete a proposal (max. 8 pages) answering one of the three challenge questions and hand it in until November 28th 2017. Sign up and send your CV to become a Networker at the event. We will let you know if you got approved as a networker prior to the event. Please note that if you sign up as a challenger you are automatically registered for the networking event (if the proposal was handed in according to the instructions).


For our Winners

The three best proposals will have the chance to present their findings in an 8-10 min presentation and win exciting prizes.

The prizes


Challenge Questions

1. Sales:

In what way(s) could historical and political events as well as economic and financial data affect Miba sales and if there is an affect how could this inform future sales strategies?


2. Engineering:
Analyzing the current literature, determine how algorithms could impact production and process development. Will this affect the need for R&D engineers in the future?


3. Operations:

How could the machines of the future adjust themselves in order to improve process reliability and process parameters without operation manager input?


Innovative generations generate innovation.

Manuel Hausjell
Dr.-Mitterbauer-Str. 3
4663 Laakirchen, Austria