For our first Innovation Challenge Day Event took place in May 2017 and the chosen location for it was the LOFFICE in Vienna. The LOFFIVCE is an amazing place to work in interdisciplinary teams, provides an inspiring and creative atmosphere and offers a big service quality.

In a personal group of eight participants from India, Russia, Austria, Slovakia and Turkey the first Miba Innovation Challenge Day dealt with megatrends in the areas of digitalization, electrification, robotics, and IT business models.

Miba´s top Management (Bernhard Reisner (F. Peter Mitterbauer (CEO), Vice President Human Capital), Roland Hintringer (VP Technology & Innovation)) together with students and young professionals mostly specialized in the STEM fields had the great opportunity to exchange their thoughts on the Megatrends as well as Brainstorm together.

The elevator pitches in front of Miba´s top Management were the right trigger for exciting in depth discussions later on. The successful first Miba Innovation Challenge Day ended and a few month later we were proud to welcome two of the participants as our new colleagues at Miba.