Anton Weismann
Head of Technical Support, Miba Gleitlager Austria

How did you get to Miba?
I started my career at Miba 30 years ago with an apprenticeship as a toolmaker. At the time, I had little idea what this profession was all about, though I was curious. It was the right decision because the training really piqued my technical interest. By my mid-20s, I had completed three apprenticeships in metalworking. Now, I am responsible for the Technology and Support area and manage around 120 employees.

How do you experience your opportunities at Miba?
Like ripples in water, a small idea often has a much larger impact at Miba. In this context, it doesn’t matter whether you are a manager, employee or colleague. Everyone is welcome to share their ideas with us.

When do you sense Passion for Success?
I am always particularly passionate about my work when I see how it further enhances the company. When we are able to make big changes as a team, then I am delighted to be part of it. Feedback from my colleagues gives me a special impetus. When I hear from them that an initiative was helpful and that they are benefitting from it in their everyday work – that is worth every effort.

What do you appreciate about Miba?
If someone has ambition and wants to achieve something, then Miba is the right place. Here, anyone with the desire to create something will get the opportunities and the support to do it.

This keeps my world turning ...
... My family and the joy of creating things.