Industry: Certified as Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly
Pathways toward an even cleaner industry

We want to be at the cutting edge of making turbines, compressors, pumps, or transmissions in industrial applications cleaner and more sustainable.

Hydrodynamic Bearings for industry
Our industrial bearings operation, the Miba Industrial Bearing Branch, develops and produces bearings and seals for high performance applications. They are referred to as hydrodynamic bearings. They can be found in hydropower plants, turbines, compressors, transmissions, industrial pumps, and facilities that operate at high performance levels and where energy efficiency is of particular importance.

What do industrial bearings do? Their purpose is to receive loads from the rotor of the facility, at standstill and during operation, and to transmit these loads elsewhere. Besides, industrial bearings are responsible for the correct positioning of rotor and stator to one another, regardless of the operating situation and the loads the rotor and the stator are being subjected to. Unlike conventional bearings, industrial bearings receive loads on a thin film of liquid.

Research and Development
For the Miba Industrial Bearing Branch with its six locations in Europe, the U.S., and in Brazil, it is a mission of the heart to find ways to make industry more environmentally friendly. This is why our sites in Göttingen and Osterode are certified to the “Environmental Management System”. In addition, we collaborate with many universities and colleges throughout Germany