„Our power resistors are integrated in all electric vehicles of the world's largest manufacturer which is based in China." - Kim Wang, Vice President Sales & Marketing der Miba EBG China

In China, the trend toward electromobility has been more pronounced than elsewhere in the world. In recent years much has been invested in research and development for, and the market launch of, electric vehicles. Leveraging this trend, Miba EBG China, with its production plant for power electronics near Shenzhen, began early on to offer its power resistors to customers from China’s electric vehicle industry. Successfully so!

Today, well-known major brands, including the world‘s largest e-car manufacturer, have products from Miba EBG China installed in their electric vehicles.Presently, 14 employees from Research and Development, Sales and Customer Service are supporting their Chinese e-mobility customers. “Our most rewarding task is the joint development of projects with our customers,“ says sales head Kim Wang. “They can confidently rely on our technical expertise and competence in delivering solutions. Our team consists of eight women and six men. Thanks to our experience and technical training, we understand right away what our customers want and need. Furthermore, it makes us proud to be able to contribute to a more efficient use of energy and a cleaner planet through our work“.