Electrified by an Idea: The Miba eMobility Team

Miba started early on to take a look at electrification. In 2017, we set up the eMobility Innovation Lab, a central development team assembled to analyze new business opportunities and the application of Miba’s expertise in the field of e-mobility and to develop solutions. Miba’s business units have also taken a close look at electrification and its prospects. In April 2019, we merged all these activities into the Miba eMobility Team. There, activities are coordinated, and developed and refined together. Our specialists are working on projects such as the development and production of battery coolers and battery systems, stators and rotors for electric motors, 

fuses for electric systems, and motors for auxiliary systems in electric vehicles. And there is no shortage of fun, either: in a recently organized e-kart race, team members had the chance to try out electric drives on a racetrack. The eMobility Team keeps growing and is constantly on the lookout for additional, innovative people. We welcome specialists, but also team members who would like to develop their skillset and expertise in the field of e-mobility. Because we all have one goal: going forward, we also want to make Miba a talent factory for e-mobility enthusiasts.