Flexible battery cooling system for electric vehicles:
Miba FLEXcooler
® adapts to shape of battery cells

When developing electric drives, one of the biggest challenges is the thermal management of batteries. It is key to vehicle range and battery life and an important factor for successful fast charging. The current trend in development is toward liquid cooling. In that case, the main challenge is to achieve an optimum thermal connection between the battery cells and the heat sink. With the Miba FLEXcooler®, we at Miba have developed a battery cooling system whose flexible shape adapts perfectly to that of the battery cells.

FLEXcooler technology does not require gap fillers

The Miba FLEXcooler® is the first liquid cooling system on the market which, due to the close connection between battery cells and cooling system, not only optimally absorbs and dissipates heat but also does not require any gap fillers, i.e., materials to fill the space between the battery cells and the cooling system. Another advantage of the Miba FLEXcooler® is its minimal weight. It can be used for prismatic, cylindrical and pouch battery cells.