"Hydro Bearings" increase the efficiency and performance of turbines

Our industrial bearing production site in Brazil has been part of the Miba Group since the fall of 2019. Yet, that company has, for more than 40 years now, been one of the world’s three biggest suppliers of so-called “hydro bearings”, that is, bearings for turbines in hydropower plants. Hydro bearings are used in small (generated power below 30 megawatts), medium-sized (generated power between 31 and 80 megawatts),

and large (above 80 megawatts) hydropower plants. Clients appreciate the wealth of expertise and decades of experience that our industrial bearings team brings to the table.

"Miba’s production site for industrial bearings in Brazil is one of the world’s largest suppliers of bearings for hydropower plants."
Clemens Honeder, Managing Director Miba Industrial Bearing Branch