Katrin Zorn
Head of R&D, Miba Coating Group

How did you get to Miba?
I began my technical education over 20 years ago by attending the secondary technical school in Wels in the field of chemistry. After earning a degree in chemistry, I worked as a university assistant at the Vienna University of Technology. Six years ago, I chose to conclude my career at the university and made the conscious decision to enter the industry – a decision I have never regretted. My career at Miba began as a Development Engineer; now I am responsible for research and development for the Miba Coating Group.

How do you experience your opportunities at Miba?
Miba offers exciting and comprehensive assignments where an autonomous approach to problem-solving is expected. To meet that expectation, I have concentrated, interdisciplinary skills at my fingertips both within and outside of R&D. In addition to the personal and professional development over the last six years (which was actively promoted), I was also able to gain international experience in countries like England and China.

When do you sense Passion for Success?
At Miba, product development is practiced in close cooperation with the customer and combined with comprehensive collaboration with research partners at the universities. In this way, theory can become practice. Passion for Success is something that I sense upon completion of a project in which people and teams excelled beyond their own expectations.

What do you appreciate about Miba?
As a family company, decisions made at Miba are made for the long term. At the same time, change is promoted and seen as an opportunity and a necessity: in this way, employees can make a difference!

This keeps my world turning...
... My family and friends.