Matthias Harreither
Assistant Transport/Logistics/Customs, Miba AG

How did you get to Miba?
My first contact with Miba was through friends and family. Over the school break, I decided to take summer jobs in production. By the time I was accepted in the logistics program of the University of Applied Sciences in Steyr (LOGISTIKUM Steyr), it was clear to me that I also wanted to continue on my path with Miba as well.

How do you experience your opportunities at Miba?
The chance to contribute and to realize my own ideas is what allows me to experience my opportunities at Miba. Topics are discussed and all opinions are taken into consideration. As a freelancer, I can combine my job with my studies. This allows me to easily integrate both elements into my everyday life.

When do you sense Passion for Success?
The ongoing challenges I encounter in both my academic and professional life spark my Passion for Success. In addition, the knowledge I am acquiring in my studies can be put into immediate practice at Miba. This is a total win-win situation for me and for Miba.

What do you appreciate about Miba?
Two positive aspects of Miba which are most noticeable are the familiar atmosphere and the ongoing push for optimization by each individual employee.

This keeps my world turning...
Family, friends, sports... and the goals that I set for myself and those that I have already achieved.