Make combustion engines clearer

Compared to other manufacturing methods, powder-metallurgical solutions from the Miba Sinter Group help optimize material usage, resulting in combustion engines of lower weight. This improves their fuel economy and makes them yet more eco-friendly. In addition, sintered components from Miba reduce noise and vibrations. And the use of powder alloys in the place of metal helps reduce waste and save raw materials.

Sintered components from Miba are used in conventional drives (combustion engines) as well as in hybrid drives, that is, combinations of combustion engines and electric motors: in 3-cylinder engines, camshaft phasers, dual-clutch transmissions, in electric steering systems, and in all-wheel drive disconnect systems. In each of these, they contribute toward greater efficiency and environmental friendliness.

"Sintered components from Miba bring greater efficiency, lower weight, and reduced noise and vibrations to comubstion engines and hybrid motors."
Bernd Badurek, Managing Director, Miba Sinter Group