How we make flying more efficient and environmentally friendly

Series-produced at Miba since 2016: our sputter technology that makes aircraft quieter and cleaner.

"Above 100 kph, the turbine is so quiet that the pilot will no longer hear it." - Rainer Aufischer, Chief Engineer, Miba Bearing Group

Developed by Miba and series-produced since 2016, our sputter technology for aircraft turbines contributes significantly to the more sustainable utilization of energy in the aviation industry. The use of sputter technology in the coating of gear wheels in aircraft turbine gearboxes constitutes one of the key elements in the efforts to achieve a 15 percent improvement in fuel economy and a marked mitigation of aircraft noise.

Pilots reported that, at velocities above 100 kph, they no longer heard any turbine noise and, only by looking at the electrical instruments, could tell that the turbines were operating. Miba technology plays a key role in making all this possible. Turbine components enhanced with Miba’s sputter coating technology are much smaller in size, reducing the necessary installation space. By using “cathode sputtering”, the efficiency level can be raised considerably, making turbines not only more efficient, but also quieter and eco-friendlier.

Aboard almost all medium-sized aircraft arout the globe

Miba sputter technology can be encountered aboard almost all medium-sized aircraft (single aisle aircraft) of world-leading manufacturers. In a next development step, we are working on a lead-free sputter coating solution in order to further reduce the environmental footprint.