Learning from the best

Regina Pinaucic
Production Unit Leader, Miba Sinter Austria
Degree: Production management from the University of Applied Sciences in Steyr (LOGISTIKUM Steyr)

“At Miba, employees are supported and always have opportunities to improve themselves.”

Regina began her career at Miba while she was still at the university. After gaining initial experience during a vacation job at Miba Gleitlager in Laakirchen, she completed her six-month work placement experience at Miba Sinter Austria in Vorchdorf. She started her master’s thesis the following semester, combining it with a half-time job at Miba Sinter Austria. After completing her degree, she began working as a Production Planner. “The goal is to supply customers as effectively as possible,” Regina says in explaining her duties. Three years later, Regina assumed responsibility for 2 production departments and 40 employees following reorganization. In order to master the challenges as well as possible, Regina took part in the Miba management training course STEPS to prepare her for her new role as an executive.

“I particularly appreciate the familiar culture and great collaboration.”

After one year of maternity leave, Regina returned to work in a part-time position and assumed a reorganization project as part of the lean initiative. “I have the freedom to schedule my own work. This flexibility helps me to manage both my family and career at the same time,” Regina says in reference to returning to work. After discussing it with her family, Regina decided to return to a full-time position one year later, assuming a production unit of 85 employees and becoming the first female production unit leader. She is responsible for budgeting and cost management, resource planning and coordination activities in the day-to-day operations. “We have defined the targets that we want to achieve. How and where the resources will be used is my responsibility,” Regina says in describing her freedom at Miba.

“A can-do attitude.”

When asked about her motto, Regina says: “I am always one of the first to want to work on new projects. I find it important that we look beyond our own borders and strive to find solutions.”