Miba’s business success and sustainable growth are founded on corporate responsibility along with visionary thought and action. The knowledge of our employees is critical in all that we have achieved and is the driving force behind our success in the future. We therefore support both the professional and personal growth of our employees, as well as their health.

From our perspective, thinking in a forward-looking manner also means actively protecting the environment. We utilize our strengths as an innovator and promote resource-efficient mobility – by developing individual technological solutions, improving the efficient use of resources and facilitating the use of environmentally friendly materials. We all reap the benefits of these results – today and tomorrow.


Miba has been a success story ever since it was founded nearly 90 years ago, evolving from a small repair workshop into a leading international high-tech company. Our vision: No power train without Miba technology. With 5 divisions around the world, its headquarters in Upper Austria and over 20 sites on 3 continents, Miba is working to achieve this vision. And we continue to grow. Our four corporate values – Passion for Success, Entrepreneurship, Lifelong Learning and Technology Leadership – form the basis of our growth. Because these values are an integral part of our Miba lives, we provide our customers with innovative products and solutions that lead the market in cost-effectiveness, quality and eco-friendliness. As an honest, fair market participant, adherence to national laws and international agreements is especially important to us.

Our employees are the engine and hence the heart of our success. Their commitment, innovation and appreciation of quality and service contribute significantly to the company’s growth. Our particular understanding of leadership is expressed in a strong motto that is also a promise: “Picture your career with vision.” In keeping with our corporate value of Lifelong Learning, we proactively encourage our employees to develop their professional and personal competencies and place great value on health and workplace safety. Our international orientation, cultural flexibility and strong cohesion foster the Miba spirit – and strong discernible identification with the company. All these benefits make Miba an attractive, responsible and family-friendly employer with exciting international career opportunities for employees.

Resource-efficient mobility and power generation are changing due to the scarcity of resources, climate change and the pursuit of sustainability. It is our mission to support these changes with pioneering technological solutions: Miba products improve the performance of motor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft and power plants across the world and make them more efficient and environmentally friendly. Starting in production, active environmental management is the critical innovative factor in improving ecological and economic efficiency. We focus on optimizing the use of energy and other resources, reducing emissions and using environment-friendly materials and equipment. The result is an important contribution to protecting the environment – and to the long-term success of our customers and our company.

Social responsibility at Miba starts with high-quality, environment-friendly products and power train solutions. Our mission is to offer Technologies for a Cleaner Planet. To achieve this, we need the best hands and minds – today and in the future. Accordingly, the focus of our social responsibility is on education and technology – even when it comes to supporting charitable organizations and various grant-based projects. Our corporate values of Lifelong Learning and Technological Leadership help raise awareness for and promote these areas within society as a whole, which is also the source of potential future employees. We recognize the importance of constructive dialogue with the neighbors at each Miba site and promoting strong and trusting cooperation with the communities and authorities.

Miba Forum
Miba Forum
The Forum is a location for meetings and dialogue, where Miba’s employees can better develop their creative potential. Creating a customer, technology and learning center – that is the idea behind the construction of the Miba Forum in Laakirchen.
Miba day care center
Miba day care center
Miba places great value on family friendliness. The Miba day care center is part of our comprehensive service to employees and contributes towards helping parents balance family and career. We have offered child care options for 24 children from 1 to 3 years of age at our Laakirchen site since 2014.
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