Strength lies in silence

Rodolphe Cazenave,
PSA Peugeot Citroën

He is one of the lead developers of the new three-cylinder Puretech generation of engines. Efficiency is especially important to him, both in the joint collaboration and in the finished product.

Smaller, lighter, quieter, ...

Miba worked closely with PSA Peugeot Citroën to develop a key component for a new engine generation with just three cylinders. Smooth-running power units that are particularly efficient and economical. We asked Rodolphe Cazenave, product engineer at PSA, how these technical challenges were overcome.

An interview with Rodolphe Cazenave

Mr. Cazenave, what can you tell us about the joint project?
PSA was looking for innovative solutions for main bearing caps – the new components had to be compact and cost-efficient. We also needed a gear specialist for the balancer shafts of the new three-cylinder Puretech engines. Miba hit the marks in terms of technical expertise and fast response. We also found Miba to have a deep understanding of our needs and concerns. Another factor beyond Miba’s enormous technical expertise is its dedicated team.

Where, in particular, is your focus in the development process?
In hindsight, I personally found it to be one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in a development cooperation. It was also a very pleasant partnership with high-quality technical discussions. Miba offered us strong support throughout the duration of the project, especially with its development-oriented solutions and innovative ideas. One concern that we have in particular is reducing operating noise and vibration of our new Puretech power units. Noise reduction proved especially challenging as far as the balancer shaft design and the decoupled gear are concerned.

Is sustainability a key issue in your developments?
PSA is strongly involved in making ever cleaner cars and engines, especially when it comes to lowering consumption and harmful emissions. That’s why we are continuously reducing the weight of power trains. Downsizing is also a major issue for us, as is the development of innovative hybrid solutions. All this is done to improve efficiency and further optimize drive systems.

All good things
come in threes

Today, three-cylinder engines are true high-tech power units. They are highly efficient and agile. All the fun with none of the remorse, as the newest generation of engines also brings maximum savings. PSA Peugeot Citroën recognized this long ago and designed exceptional engines. Miba offered support by contributing key components.

Maximum efficiency, low consumption and minimal emissions, and in doing so, refusing to compromise on driving performance and comfort. Doesn’t that almost sound like a fairytale? Yet it’s already a reality today thanks to innovative technologies. This is achieved for example, with the PSA’s 1.2-liter turbo engine, rewarded engine of the year 2015 in the category 1-liter to 1.4-liter. PSA confirmed MIBA contributions in this PSA success.
The exemplary collaboration between Miba and PSA came about in 2008 from a new range of engines. At the time, PSA was looking for innovative approaches to new crankshaft bearing caps. Additional orders were then placed in 2009 for components for the mass balance system as well as the crankshaft toothed belt sprocket. This marked the start of a history of success.
The company decided very early on, namely in 2010, to include Miba in the development of the new three-cylinder turbocharge engine. In doing so, PSA managed to significantly reduce annoying operating noise and vibrations. At the same time, the fatigue life could be optimized, as well.
This was made possible by the unbridled desire on the part of both development partners to forge a new technological path. This requires a great deal of passion for innovation. It is also this passion that drives engineers to peak performance. This is the only way to obtain Technology Leadership, ideally together with a partner on equal footing.