Drive the eVolution

Part of the eVolution:
No eMobility Concepts
Without Miba Components

Miba offers exactly the right components for all eMobility applications. Our outstanding development and system expertise combined with our long-term production experience allows us to offer a wide range of eDrive and hybrid drive systems. Together with vehicle manufacturers, we accelerate and successfully manage the transformation to eMobility – with Technologies for a Cleaner Planet.


We are aware that mobility and power generation will look completely different in the future and support our custom­ers every day with pioneering technologies. We help them reduce carbon emissions, increase the efficiency of existing drive concepts, keep pace with the trend toward new alternative energy sources and much more.


Products for eMotors

Advanced winding and assembly systems for the electric motor industry



  • Magnetic plausibility
  • Winding and insulation analysis
  • Producibility studies



  • A-, B- and C-samples
  • Based on serial production
  • Serial production tooling



  • Hair-Pin and I-Pin stator assembly lines
  • Fully automated
  • Highest quantities
  • 3rd generation/latest technology

Electric Motor components with
3D Flux Guidance

Soft Magnetic Composite materials (SMC material) develop their full potential only when their special material properties are used in the electric motor development. One of the outstanding features in this context is the ability to efficiently guide the magnetic flux in all three dimensions. We support our customers in using the advantages of SMC material in the design of electrical machines.

Advantages of axial-flux motors with SMC
• High torque density
• Disc shape enables new installation concepts
• Very quiet running behavior

Advantages of claw-pole motors with SMC
• Compact and lightweight (high power density)
• Ideal for applications with high torque and low revolutions
• Very easy assembly process through common part strategy

Products for eAxles and eTransmissions

 Powder-metal gears

  • Vibration-damping properties that reduce the emitted noise
  • Ideal for electric powertrains with high-revolution eMotors thanks to NVH advantages
  • Allow complex structures to realize lightweight designs and additional functions

High-performance self-energizing (servo-)synchronizers

  • Customized design
  • System optimization for improved efficiency
  • Validation on in-house testing equipment

High-strength powder metal components for clutch actuation and parking lock devices

  • Cost-efficient net-shape compacting and sinter-hardening
  • Densgrad® and Denscal® high-density processes




SPACECOAT® – noise reduction solution

SPACECOAT® provides a well-defined gear clearance during assembly, which greatly improves engine acoustics. The polymer coating allows a simple, fast, accurate and cost-effective assembly.


ADAPTOCOAT® – Optimization of contact area – NVH improvement

Adaptive coating to increase contact area and backlash in gear drive application to improve NVH; Leads to a significant reduction of noise.


GRIPCOAT® Direct – Static friction increase up to factor 6

GRIPCOAT® Direct is the first process for directly applying selectively a friction-enhancing coating to components. Therefore reducing space and weight or increased transmitted torque and force of joining's.


Bipolar plate coatings

Carbon- and Au-based PVD coatings for greater conductivity and corrosion resistance in fuel-cell applications.

Power Electronics

Components and assemblies with focus on passive power




  • Thick-film technology for high-power systems
  • Used in power distribution units (PDUs) and motor-controlling units (MCUs)




  • High-performance converters and switches
  • Battery packs for vehicles




Components and assemblies with focus on passive power electronic components and thermal management

  • Air-cooled heat sinks
  • Water-cooled cold plates
  • Vacuum-brazed heat sinks
  • Heat pipes
  • High-precision high-voltage resistors
  • High-power resistors

Systems to
Advance eMobility

Ensuring driving enthusiasm with power shift and torque vectoring solutions

Our wide portfolio of adapted and dedicated friction systems supports torque transfer for top driving dynamics.


The key parameters are:

  • Power density
  • Efficiency
  • Noise, vibration and harshness
  • Total cost of ownership


Liquid cooling component for a battery pack/module

Miba offers solutions for battery cooling at cell module and pack level.


Heat pipe assembly

Removal of localized heat loads.