Application Engineering Tool

The right configuration and adjustment of friction materials, steel mating discs and oil is precision work. Since recently, this can be done with the support of a system, the Miba Application Engineering Tool.

As critical components of manual transmissions and brake units, for instance, friction systems are subject to stringent technical standards. Adjustment of the friction systems is individually configured to the customer’s specifications. Finding the right solution requires expertise and many years of experience in application technology, materials and processes.

The Miba Friction Group has succeeded in developing a digital solution for the adjustment process, a highly time-consuming task both for the customer and for us. A software for system-supported development is based on standards and complete transparency in the design process.

“The new tool has made it possible for us to shorten development cycles and to bring products to market more quickly.” Andreas Promberger, R&D Project Manager, Miba Friction Group



The growing digitalization allows greater speed and efficiency in finding individual solutions for the customers. The Application Engineering Tool will free up time for genuine development work, resulting in a benefit to the Miba Friction Group’s customers.