Miba Powerfuse®




The ultimate safety component, the Miba Powerfuse® electrically disconnects the battery from the vehicle ‘s high voltage electrical system in the event of a technical failure or accident. This fast and safe disconnection is not only triggered by a signal from the vehicle safety controller, also automatically by an integrated self-release mechanism. Therefore, the Miba power fuse makes significant contribution to the ultimate safety of electric vehicles.

Key Features
Miba Powerfuse®

  • High power density to weight factor

  • Low resistance before separation

  • Low separation time

  • High separation capacity ensuring save operation

  • Safe separation even without load current (active instead of passive tipping)

  • Hermetically closed, compact, intrinsically safe component

  • Integrated features possible (Fuse function, intermediate circuit discharge contact)

  • Customizable bus bar connection

  • Direct cooling ability via busbar

Technical Specifications

Feature Value Remark
Separation capacity – typical value 900 VDC / 15 kA / 25 µH 500 VDC / 20 kA / 20 µH  
Resistance before separation < 32 µΩ  
Resistance after separation > 5 MΩ @ 1 kV DC  
Separation time < 2.3 ms @ 900 V / 15 kA / 25 µH Time from trigger signal ON to current = 0
Permanent current capability 550 A Maximum single sides busbar temp at 40°C
Non-reversible device yes  
Weight 324g Weight without busbars
Voltage potential Housing is connected to busbar Isolative coating applied
Ambient temperature -40 °C ≤ Top ≤ 85 °C  
Operating temperature -40 °C ≤ Top ≤ 125 °C  
Degree of pollution III EN 60664-1
Altitude ≤ 4000 m  
Storage temperature -20 °C ≤ Tamb ≤ 65 °C  
Erwin Lichtenberg
Product Manager
Dr.-Mitterbauer-Str. 3

Datasheet Miba POWERfuse®