Miba x Startups:

Seeking Sustainable Solutions through Collaborative Partnerships

We are seeking to forge partnerships with innovative startups to co-create sustainable solutions that address global challenges. By combining Miba's technical expertise and market reach with the fresh perspectives and agility of startups, we aim to accelerate the development of technologies that are not only viable but also essential for a cleaner, more efficient future.

Miba AG is a global leader in precision manufacturing and high-performance materials, serving diverse industries including automotive, industrial, power generation, and beyond. With almost 100 years of expertise, we drive innovation across these sectors, shaping the future through collaboration, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of progress.

Are you startup or a SME looking to industrialise your new product idea?
Do you already have first customers identified? Do you have a product that your customers want? Then you are the right partner for us. We can help you industrialise production and fulfil a growing customer demand.

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Turn your idea into reality

Get access to our cutting-edge technology and solutions and benefit from free samples, evaluation boards, tech advise and more.
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We will connect you with important decision makers and mentors.
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Miba becomes a reliable and well-known partner at your side, be it as one of your customers, a supplier, a development or a go-to-market partner.

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