Miba focuses on sustainability: With the energy saved last year, 100,000 electric cars could be charged


Miba wants to take responsibility not only for its employees but also for the environment. That's why the technology group has been working for years to use energy and water more efficiently and avoid waste. 




Using energy more efficiently

In the past business year alone, Miba was able to increase energy efficiency in the Group by 3,665 megawatt hours. This energy saving could recharge 100,000 electric cars. In addition to a few major projects such as the replacement of hundreds of light bulbs, it is mainly smaller optimizations that lead to continuous improvement: for example, the efficient use of compressed air and air conditioning systems or the optimization and modernization of machinery.




Water saving would fill 17,000 bathtubs

Sustainable use of water is also particularly important to Miba. In the past business year, Miba achieved savings in water consumption equivalent to 2.5 million liters through efficiency improvements. This would be enough to fill 17,000 bathtubs. 



1,700 tons less waste

One important goal of sustainable production and thus contributing to an even cleaner planet is waste prevention. In the past business year, Miba was able to avoid 1,700 tons of waste. That is the amount of waste generated by around 3,500 Europeans each year.




Company and employees take responsibility

For Miba, the corporate mission "Technologies for a cleaner planet" means more than just making vehicles, ships, aircraft, construction and agricultural machinery more efficient and environmentally friendly or offering technologies for the sustainable generation, transmission and storage of energy. "It also means making a contribution to a cleaner planet through our careful use of energy, water and other resources," explains Miba CEO F. Peter Mitterbauer. "That's why we're working worldwide to continuously optimize energy and water consumption and waste volumes in production and administration. And every employee can also make a contribution in his or her daily work by using resources as sparingly as possible".



Foto-Credit: Hermann Wakolbinger