Motioncoat® Synthec

Your coating solution for reduced friction and wear. Achieve outstanding tribological performance with High Tech Coatings GmbH as your coating partner.

MOTIONCOAT® SYNTHEC is a polyamide-imide based coating that has excellent tribological characteristics, and is applied directly to the component. Thanks to its wear resistance and low coefficient of friction, MOTIONCOAT® SYNTHEC ensures maximum performance of your component. By coating the functional surface, we offer you, among other things, the possibility of saving installation space and weight.

MOTIONCOAT® SYNTHEC is used to improve the performance of components made of steel, sintered material, aluminum, and copper alloys.

Improved wear resistance

Motioncoat Synthec improves the wear resistance of your component surface and provides excellent emergency running properties.


Friction reduction

Reduce the friction of your functional surfaces and increase the overall efficiency with Motioncoat Synthec.

Weight reduction.

Due to its excellent tribological properties, Motioncoat Synthec enables the usage of smaller components or even the elimination of bearings through direct application, which can lead to weight reduction and cost savings.

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Motioncoat® Synthec is applied wherever high tribological wear occurs, this is where Motioncoat® Synthec can show the difference

Areas of application:

  • Balance shaft bearing
  • High-pressure pump bearings
  • Camshaft bearings
  • Plain bearings (main bearings, connecting rod bearings, thrust bearings, bearing bushes, etc.)
  • Plain bearing replacement by direct application of the coating
  • Drive wheels (radial and axial surfaces)
  • Wear protection of axial discs and axial surfaces in planetary gears
  • Wear protection for lead screws

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