Design of a Clutch Pack

The optimal design of a clutch pack requires an ideal combination of power density, noise-vibration-harshness (NVH) requirements, efficiency, and total cost of ownership, depending on customer requirements and operating conditions. The FRED web application helps design clutch packs - from the geometric design to the friction lining type - saving several hours. The name “FRED” stands for FRiction Engineering Designer. It is a technical tribology solution for friction linings helping you find the best technology for your application.


What FRED does

The web application helps you design a clutch pack. The advantage: Within a few minutes, you know which technology works for your project.

For the calculation, you need values such as the installation space and the torque. FRED provides you with the key data to make it easier for you to take technology decisions.


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Friction linings from Miba Friction Group

Miba Friction Group offers the world’s widest range of friction linings. These friction linings are superior performance components in vehicle clutches and brakes. Compared to conventional products, they provide a higher power density in axles and transmissions.

Friction linings from the Miba Friction Group are developed for wet and dry-running applications. Depending on the specifications, the base material types range from carbon, fiber composite and molybdenum to sintered powder linings.


Fiber composite friction plate

Friction plates are the heart of a clutch. They create a frictional lock to enable a vehicle to drive away and change gear. Applications for this fiber composite friction plate and the steel counter plate include wet-running powershift transmissions for agricultural and construction machinery.

Friction plate with carbon lining

This type of friction plate and the steel counter plate are used in four-wheel drive clutches and differential locks in four-wheel drive vehicles. They support torque distribution and are characterized by highpressure resistance and low wear.

Sintered powder friction plates

Sintered powder friction plates enable efficient torque transfer even at high energy loads (in tractor brakes, for example). They are characterized by particularly high temperature resistance and low wear.



Molybdenum linings

Thanks to their high resistance to wear, long service life and high pressure resistance, the main area of application for molybdenum linings is the high-performance limited-slip differential.


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Off Highway Wet

For Off Highway Wet applications, Miba offers tailor-made solutions for brakes and clutches for

  • Construction equipment and mining vehicles
  • Farm machinery
  • Aerospace industry
  • Material transport
  • Shipping
  • Industrial applications

Automotive Wet

The Miba Friction Group has become a strategic partner for the international automotive industry thanks to its visionary developments and efficient solutions for clutches and brakes. We offer a wide range of friction lining technologies for wet-running systems such as composite, carbon, sintered and molybdenum friction plates for

  • Passenger cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles


For dry-running applications in clutches and brakes with high specific loads, the Miba Friction Group offers ceramic friction linings combined with counter plates made of steel, cast iron and composite materials. These cover the following applications

  • Trucks
  • High-speed trains
  • Tractors
  • Wind turbines
  • Motorsport
  • Industrial applications such as cranes and conveyors

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What our Experts say

“In a few short steps, FRED suggests designs using all relevant friction technologies, significantly reducing time-to-market and creating full transparency for our customers' projects.”

Andreas Promberger, DI (FH)
Manager R&D Application Engineering, Testing and Simulation

Why Miba is the right partner for the design of your clutch pack

The Miba Friction Group has been a development partner and supplier of high-performance friction linings for the international automotive and machinery industry for more than 30 years.

Friction linings are the key performance component in brakes and clutches for vehicles and machines. They significantly contribute to increasing efficiency. For this reason, the design of the clutch pack is particularly important.

Miba Friction Group customers benefit from optimized components for clutch and brake systems. With FRED’s assistance, you can find the right technology. Because we use high-quality materials and innovative processes, our products have excellent tribological properties and high wear resistance.


We support you worldwide

Production and sales sites on three continents allow the Miba Friction Group to respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of our customers around the world, providing them with high-quality friction material solutions.

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