Soft Magnetic Composite Components

Soft magnetic composites from Miba are used as actuators as well as in electrical machines. SMC materials stand out because of their compact design possibilities and an optimized performance of the various components.


Soft Magnetic PM Materials

Miba can offer a broad range of soft magnetic materials. From DC applications to AC high frequency applications up to 10.000 Hz.


Altogether our soft magnetic composites cover a frequency range from 50 Hz to 10.000 Hz. SMC components are compact, lightweight and have a high power density. They are made of iron powder particles coated with an electrically insulating layer. Hence such materials show increased electrical resistance.

We offer more than soft magnetic composite components

Ongoing innovation is one of our cornerstones. Our eMobility team knows how the electric motors of tomorrow must be designed. We don't just supply the soft magnetic composite components; we supply the complete system - that works perfectly.

Soft magnetic composite components bring your motor design to the next level

Powder metallurgy is the optimal solution to produce superior performance in your axial flux and transverse flux motor designs for use in e.g. vehicles, white goods, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and many other industrial applications.


We at Miba have developed an electric motor that is characterized by three main features:

  • slim design
  • seamless integration into the housing of the driven customer application
  • and simple installation despite delivery without its own motor housing.


The core benefits of SMC components for both motor design and production processes are:

Reduction of both size and weight with the use of soft magnetic composites
Compact design

both size and weight of the components can be reduced

Advantages such as high power and torque density with soft magnetic composites
Optimized performance

high power and torque density

Cost efficiency in the production process through soft magnetic composites
Cost efficiency

net shaping production process with minimum waste and no need for rework

3D magnetic flux through compaction and heat treatment by using soft magnetic composites
3-dimensional magnetic flux

Through compaction and heat treatment, the particles can be formed into complex shapes, allowing a three-dimensional magnetic flux.

Ask our experts about soft magnetic composite components from Miba.

Anna Frühwirth
R&D Engineer Materials Development

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Engineering Soft Magneic Composite Components

When developing SMC Components, we focus on four key factors:


Focus on technology in the development process of soft magnetic composites

Numerical simulation, customized design, system integration

Essential steps for material and process of soft magnetic composites
Material & Process

Material competence center, prototyping, component manufacturing

Testing magnetic and electrical properties of soft magnetic composites

Magnetic properties testing, electric properties testing,testing competence center

Application testing of soft magnetic composites
Application testing

Why Miba is your partner for SMC components.

To develop robust electric motor designs, manufacturers can leverage our powder metallurgy expertise. During the development process, we combine manufacturing technology with functionality.

  • We focus on your requirements (performance, tolerances, geometry)
  • By choosing the right material for your specific application, one can benefit from the best cost-benefit ratio.
  • We develop SMC motors in our eMobility team: Shaping SMC components for perfect use in an overall system. We test electrical losses, efficiency and acoustics.
  • We focus on further development of your products in 6 plants worldwide.

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Markus Schauer
Teamleader Advanced Engineering

Learn more about the advantages of soft magnetic composite components.

Soft magnetic materials for low frequency applications

Soft magnetic materials show high flux density and permeability. Iron with different alloying elements allows tailored magnetic performance for a perfect fit for your application. Thanks to the high flexibility of the geometry, flux guidance can be customized, and space is therefore used perfectly. In addition, netshape manufacturing allows large-scale production. Complex structures can be manufactured in a cost-effective way.

Soft magnetic cores, inductors, actuators, or pole cores are applications for soft magnetic materials.

Our experts

“In the relatively new area of integrating SMC components in engines or drive systems, we are a reliable and experienced partner for our customers. We are a internationally connected R&D team with focus on a smoothly running overall system.”



- Robert Hellein, Teamleader Materials Development -

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