Interview: What a Power Electronics Manufacturer Should Offer You

The Miba Power Electronics Group is a development partner and manufacturer of efficient power electronics for its customers. The company helps identify savings potential and achieve higher performance.

Erwin Lichtenberg is Product Manager at Miba and leads development projects from concept to series production.

In this interview, Lichtenberg explains what a power electronics manufacturer does and what it needs to offer to provide customers with the right support.

“What Makes the Perfect Power Electronics Manufacturer?“

At Miba Power Electronics, we focus on passive power electronics. We manufacture resistors, safety components such as pyrotechnic isolators and closers, as well as heat sinks and cooling solutions.

As a development partner, we offer individual, flexible and rapid technical solutions. For example, we are able to offer our customers product combinations from the comprehensive Miba portfolio.

In principle, we build product families, because standard products often do not meet our customers’ requirements. We have just completed our first product within a product family. We are now continuing to develop it to suit two different customer needs: one version to optimize costs and the other version to provide even higher performance.

"In Your Opinion, What are the Biggest Strengths that a Provider in Your Industry Needs?”

Miba’s strengths as a manufacturer of power electronics are:

  • flexibility
  • speed
  • many years of experience
  • high quality
  • precise focus on customer needs
  • pioneer view of the future


Without these strengths, sustainable production and development are hardly possible. Ongoing development should be one of the core competencies. That is because the world is changing rapidly, and standing still in our industry is not an option. We can only make a difference if we are innovative.


“Why Exactly is Ongoing Development an Important Core Competence?”

Nowadays, products are becoming more and more specialized. The proportion of power electronics components is also steadily increasing. As a result, manufacturers increasingly need to be able to offer maximum flexibility in the production of various components.

We work in small, responsive development teams. We attach great importance to ensuring that not too many people are involved. I'm talking about a maximum of 5-7 people per team.

In the automotive sector we have many years of experience. We work for our customers to provide the highest quality and flexibility with solutions specifically designed for their applications. We enjoy developing.

“What are the Other Core Competencies a Power Electronics Manufacturer Needs to Offer? “

In short: all-round service, high-quality products and environmental awareness.


Let me explain that in more detail.

  • All-round service

An experienced manufacturer in the area of power electronics will provide its customers with comprehensive advice on choosing the right components. In addition to the development work, they will also help with the installation.

And that’s not all. Proper maintenance as well as training and training materials are part of a successful all-round service package.


  • High-quality products

Only quality enables components to last a long time. Development and manufacturing in compliance with the latest technical standards is therefore a prerequisite. That is how we can guarantee high performance and reliability.


  • Environmental awareness

A power electronics manufacturer is always aware of its responsibility to the environment. As a consequence, they will implement measures to ensure that their products and processes are as environmentally friendly as possible.

At Miba, we set ourselves the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2040 back in 2013. We are working on more than just using fewer resources in manufacturing and in our offices. The aim is also to create products that also contribute to carbon reduction for our customers.

“In Summary, Can You Tell Us in One Sentence Why Miba is the Right Partner?”

Our credo is: There is no such thing as the perfect product, but there is the product that perfectly matches a customer’s specific needs!

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