Miba POWERcloser®

The Miba POWERcloser® ensures that electrical safety is guaranteed in an e-car. The pyro switch closes the discharge path - for discharging the capacities in the e-car or for short-circuiting the fuel cell power - and dissipates the remaining energy of the fuel cell. This keeps the e-car safe in the event of a crash and allows emergency personnel to work on the vehicle without danger.

Pyro switch provides safety

The Miba POWERcloser® is an electrical safety switch. It is triggered by a pyrotechnic actuator and provides a high-current-capable normally open contact.

In case of an accident or other triggering, it automatically and reliably closes circuits. Thus, intermediate circuits and other energies are discharged. The pyro switch prevents the vehicle from catching fire and ensures a safe condition for occupants and first responders.

Miba POWERcloser®: What are the advantages of the pyro switch?

The Miba POWERcloser® is a compact, intrinsically safe component that requires little space. What makes Miba's pyro switch unique, is that it is hermetically sealed and flexibly configurable according to customer requirements.. This means it can also be operated safely in the housing of a fuel cell.


The shape, connection area and screw or plug-in contacts of our pyro switch can be flexibly selected.

Further advantages:

  • Low resistance after closing
  • Short closing time
  • High locking capability for safe operation
  • Flexibly adaptable to customer needs


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Patrick Löffler
Expert Product and Technology

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Functionality is essential for a pyroswitch

Since the product is normally integrated in the fuel cell housing and may be surrounded by hydrogen, a short response time is essential. The arc created during closing does not ignite the hydrogen. This circumstance prevents an explosion if the worst comes to the worst.

Why is Miba the right partner for you?

Different pyro switches on a white table. 3 people are talking in the background.

With our Miba development teams, we can respond flexibly to customer requirements and thus offer customized solutions. Regardless of whether it's a more compact design or specific material requirements.

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Each pyro switch is tested in-house in our own laboratory to meet specific customer requirements and is only shipped to the customer once all tests have been positive.

Various pyro switches on a wooden table. 2 people are talking in the background.

Our Miba POWERcloser® is unique on the market: it is hermetically sealed and we offer various material and connection solutions for the contact system.

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Patrick Löffler
Expert Product and Technology

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Due to our innovative contact design, we are able to present a wide power spectrum in the same package, as well as an integrated discharge resistor. This allows us to implement individual customer requirements in a space-saving and cost-effective manner. Our Miba POWERcloser® is equally suitable for battery-electric and fuel cell-powered vehicles.

- Erwin Lichtenberg, Product Manager -

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