Why Miba’s Power Closer is more cost-effective & space-saving than other available solutions?

The purpose of the Miba Power Closer is to ensure the electrical system in an electric vehicle is safe in the event of an accident, to protect the emergency services and vehicle’s occupants. The main application is for electric vehicles with an additional fuel cell drive system, but it is also ideally applicable for stationary applications.


The Power Closer is installed in the space containing hydrogen gas inside the fuel cell. Therefore, it is important that it meets relevant safety requirements. Read this blog post to find out exactly what that means. You can also find out how the special feature on Miba's innovative Power Closer has solved the problem more cost-effectively than the competition.


How does a Power Closer work?

The fuel cells in electric vehicles need up to two minutes until the remaining hydrogen in the fuel cell is consumed and no longer produces electricity. There is only a short limited time to unload this energy in case of an emergency. The electric vehicle could catch fire and endanger occupants and first responders.

Power Closers ensure that the remaining energy in the fuel cell is eliminated within a very short period of time. The Power Closer is triggered by a signal from the airbag control unit to prevent the further energy flow. The vehicle is safe then.

Why is the POWER Closer particularly suitable for installation in the fuel cell?

Hydrogen is present inside the housing of a fuel cell. Any electrical spark could ignite the gases inside the fuel cell and cause an explosion. The Power Closer is positioned as close as possible to the fuel cell module to ensure intrinsic safety in the event of a crash. If the Power Closer were located outside the housing, there would still be other live connections that could endanger the vehicle occupants and their rescuers in an emergency.

Conventional models are connected directly to the housing with the ignition signal cable. The cable connection leads through the area in which hydrogen is flowing. But this type of connector is very expensive.

What is so special about Miba's Power Closer?

The Miba Power Closer works safely and reliably without a costly connector. That makes it unique on the market. It is hermetically sealed and very compact.

Another advantage is its flexible design. This makes it possible to adapt various components precisely to the customer’s specifications:

  • Customer-specific connection options (cables, connectors, etc.)
  • Geometry
  • Fastened with screws or plug-in contacts
  • Adaptable to customer systems


“Miba is able to develop a product with the customer that is ready for series production within a very short timeframe. In doing so, Miba responds flexible to customer requirements and proactively recommends solutions when challenges arise. They met our ambitious targets in terms of delivery and project plan very well.”


The fact that the Miba Power Closer does not need a gas-tight connector saves costs. The minimal space requirement also reduces the dimensions required for the fuel cell housing. As a result, it is overall more cost-effective than a conventional model.

Conclusion: More cost-effective, compact and intrinsically safe Power Closer

While there are many models on the market, which are expensive and take up a lot of space inside the fuel cell housing.

Thanks to its innovative contact design, the Power Closer from Miba offers the following benefits:

  • Innovative design
  • Cost-effective
  • Space-saving installation in the fuel cell housing
  • Flexibly adaptable to customer specifications
  • Provided with CE certificate

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