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Miba sintered components are high-precision, high-strength parts produced using special process technology. They are used in car engines, transmissions and steering systems, and for the electrification of passenger vehicles.

The Miba Sinter Group is the technology leader in powder metallurgy applications. We work closely with our customers to meet the challenges of the international automotive industry related to making vehicles more efficient, environmentally friendly and quieter. Our customers are guaranteed customized and cost-effective solutions, backed up by a global presence, years of development experience and quality standards.

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Compared with other production processes, sinter technology allows maximum material utilization with the lowest possible energy use. Whether in engines, transmissions, steering systems or for electrification – the properties of sintered components make them ideal for high-quality mechanical components and for systems. Through ongoing technological progress, the Miba Sinter Group creates sophisticated components for the vehicles of tomorrow.

At the start of the sintering process, highly complex tools are used to compress metal powder mixes. The compacted part is sintered at a temperature of up to 1,350 ° Celsius. For certain applications, the finished part is calibrated and, as necessary, undergoes heat treatment, surface coating, machining, joining or assembly steps to ensure the greatest possible precision.

Our success lies in maintaining our rigorous quality standards during the production of sintered components. Our process-oriented, integrated management system ensures ongoing improvement of all processes in the sintering area, both in production and in the administration.

Research & development

The Miba Sinter Group’s research and development team focuses on cost-effective and innovative customer solutions. We offer technical support in the design and validation of applications as well as in materials and processing development for highly resilient sintered components and modules.

The development of complete modules, such as synchronization modules and gear drives, and validation at the component and system level demonstrates the Miba Sinter Group’s technological expertise. We have access to engine and transmission test benches to conduct functional testing under near operational conditions. We offer our customers efficient solutions by drawing on in-depth expertise in our core processes along with many years of application experience. Based on an extensive network of development partners, we are able to continually expand this expertise.

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