Sintered parts

Miba sintered parts are used in a wide range of industries. Whether it’s robotics, conveyor technology, compressors, eBikes, medical technology or the automotive sector - the high-precision and high-strength components convince through cost efficiency as well as lower weight. Their use reduces the CO2 footprint.


What does sintering mean?

Sintering is a production process of high-precision molded parts. In the first step the powdery starting material is getting pressed into a compact (also known as a green compact), which only has sufficient strength to be safely transferred to the next process step. During the subsequent heat treatment, the individual powder particles combine and the sintered part acquires its strength.


At the beginning of the sintering process, mixtures of metal powders are getting pressed with precise tools. The resulting compact is sintered at a temperature of up to 1250°C. To achieve the highest possible precision and density, in some applications the component is calibrated after sintering and - if necessary - heat treated, surface coated, mechanically reworked or assembled.The basis of our global success is the adherence to strict quality standards in the production of our high-precision sintered part.


Sintered parts are used in a wide range of industries.

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The advantages of sintering technology

Compared to other manufacturing processes, sintering technology enables maximum utilization of material with lowest possible energy input.

Cost-efficient solutions
  • Maximum utilization of raw materials with lowest energy consumption compared to other technologies
  • A production close to final contour ("net shape") avoids additional machining steps
  • High repeatability in series production
Customized products
  • Complex geometries
  • Optimization in terms of strength and weight
  • Tailor-made materials for every requirement
  • Excellent NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) properties
  • Unique magnetic properties
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Controlled porosity
  • Isotropic properties as well as selectively compacted component areas
High torque capacity through surface compaction
  • Various compaction technologies to increase component strength
  • Spur and helical gearing
  • internal and external gearing
Green technology
  • Metal powder made from recycled steel scrap
  • Maximum raw material utilization, less waste
  • Low energy consumption

Why Miba is the right partner for the production of your sintered parts.

Miba Sinter Group is the technology leader for powder metallurgy applications. Working alongside our customers, we meet the challenges of making products more economical, environmentally friendly and efficient.


The sintering process

From powder to precise components!

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