Supplier Relationship Management

Miba is a global and profitable player on the world markets. Purchasing & Supplier management is a key commercial driver by providing an essential and measurable contribution to the value and technology of our products.
Our suppliers are carefully selected partners who contribute to our success through highest quality of their products, reliabiltiy and flexibility of supply and competitive pricing. We strive to establish long-term relationships and integrate our key suppliers into the development process and the supply chain.


Miba’s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) ensures efficient operations with our suppliers. It encompasses strategic planning and continual optimization of all processes and methods. Standardized communication channels, transparent operations and continual performance monitoring of the supply chain process help us to reach our technology, cost, quality and delivery targets together.
This makes it possible for our suppliers to evolve into partners with whom we can work together to find the optimal solutions for our customers.
Purchasing Portfolio

Miba allocates purchasing volumes in ten different commodity groups. In the following overview we will tell you about the special requirements which we expect our suppliers and their products to meet.

Blanked and formed parts
Miba primarily procures blanked and laser cut discs. Most often, the blanked parts are blanked on mechanical presses with a tonnage of between 120 and 630 MT or higher. Here, we are looking for close tolerances, for example in regards to flatness. It would be especially interesting for us if you were capable of performing further processing steps such as deburring and heat treatment.

NEM Powders
NEM powders are the primary components in the production of friction materials, which we process as linings in the manufacture of clutches and brakes. The establishment of precise and sensible specifications is a prerequisite for successful cooperation between the powder manufacturer and the user. Continuous and stable cooperation in both parties’ day-to-day production is equally important.

Miba purchases flat steel with an untreated surface and with galvanic copperplating, which is used for product manufacturing at almost all Miba Group sites. We purchase flat steel as coils and as sheets. This is primarily cold rolled steel, but small amounts are hot rolled. To meet the required standards for the end products, we only purchase high-quality steel from certified companies.

Outside Service Miba procures the mechanical piecing of blanks as an outside service. Miba demands the highest standards of quality, production flexibility and capacity for development. Long-term strategic partnerships help us meet the challenges of the automotive market.

Investments – Assets
We use presses, furnaces, cutting machines, cleaning systems, hardening plants, blasting systems, coating systems, measuring machines and test rigs in the manufacturing of our products, tools and devices. All of the machinery we use is automated. This is the only way we can guarantee to our customers the required level of productivity and a high level of quality. Miba requires technical gases at all Miba sites in the areas of production, laboratory and maintenance. Tank facilities, on-site facilities for production needs and bottled gas for ancillary operations are the equipment for this.

Iron Powder
Iron powder is the basic raw material for sintered components and an important raw material for the friction materials of the Friction Group. It contributes a substantial share of the Miba Group’s total purchasing volume. Worldwide, the Miba Sinter Group processes iron powders and mixtures including copper, nickel, molybdenum and manganese in various compositions. Miba sets high standards for its powder suppliers in order to succeed together as a technological leader in the industry with the end product.

Heat Treatment
Heat treatment of sintered components primarily serves to improve the dynamic properties of the components and to make their material harder. Depending on the specific requirements, different heat treatment processes are applied to gears, chain sprockets, rotors and stators. The typical processes are thermal degreasing, carbonitriding, inductance hardening and low-pressure carburizing. The heat treatment process is a crucial step in the overall production process. For this step, Miba also commissions external contractors for this step in the process. In carrying out this work, our suppliers thus fulfill the high quality requirements set by the automotive standard and are as contractors able to economically process large volumes of parts.

Surface Treatment
The surface treatment of sintered components covers a broad range of processes. Processes for coating, cleaning and surface densification are used. Here too, the requirements which the end product has to meet, determine the type of treatment. Our suppliers in this field are specialists in the respective process. They fulfill the high quality requirements set by the automotive standard and are as contractors able to economically process large volumes of parts.

Electrical Materials
Alongside technical innovation and know-how, what is essential above all when it comes to maintaining and further developing our position as technological leader is the use of top-quality control components and electrical components. We are therefore permanently on the lookout for partners in the electrical trade and industry.

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services
The international Miba Group’s sourcing strategy ensures availability. We use a range of services such as CEP, truck, ship, and air transport to make sure requirements and customer orders are delivered on time. Our transport activities are supported by our own warehouses and also third-party and consignment warehouses. The right sales and transport packaging (wood, cardboard, plastic, and VCI paper) ensure that your goods arrive undamaged.

Advertising and Marketing
Miba AG Logo CompanySintered ComponentsEngine BearingsFriction MaterialsCoatingsPower ElectronicsSpecial MachineryJobs & CareerInvestor RelationsPress Vision & Mission Sites & Structure Product Groups History CSR Supplier Management Supplier Relationship Management Purchasing Portfolio Supplier Portal Supplier Application Terms and Conditions Electronic Data Interchange Sponsorship Miba Standorte Home Sitemap Imprint Deutsch Purchasing PortfolioPurchasing Portfolio Miba allocates purchasing volumes in ten different commodity groups. In the following overview we will tell you about the special requirements which we expect our suppliers and their products to meet. Blanked and formed parts[+] NEM Powders[+] Steel[+] Outside Service[+] Investments – Assets[+] Iron Powder[+] Heat Treatment[+] Surface Treatment[+] Electrical Materials[+] Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services[+] Advertising and Marketing[-] The Miba Group purchases advertising materials, material for setting up exhibition stands, print services, translations, and all services related to marketing and communications. We rely on competent partners to maintain our high standards for public appearances that reflect the technological leadership of our products. External suppliers help us implement our innovative communications concepts and provide us with creative marketing input.

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