Gripcoat Direct®

Our innovative coating process for a higher friction coefficient on your component surface.

GRIPCOAT® Direct meets a wide range of demands in friction-enhancing functional areas. For the first time, it is possible to apply hard particles (industrial diamonds) directly, partially and extremely economically to components. It is an automated, flexible process that is adapted to your very specific industrial needs and does not require the use of wet chemical processes.

  • Efficient transmission of high torques due to better adhesion
  • Reduction of operating vibrations due to reliable grip
  • High attainable friction coefficient (up to µ=0.75)
Economic Efficiency
  • Cost-reducing process that can be flexibly adapted to special needs and does not require any wet chemistry
  • Simplified and faster assembly, as additional friction-enhancing components are no longer necessary
  • Solvent-free and environmentally friendly
  • Force-fit connections replace complex form-fit and material-fit connections
  • Possibility of repeated assembly

By eliminating previously common additional components such as washers, the process also has a positive effect in terms of material and weight savings. The directly coated components are lighter, smaller and at the same time more efficient. In this way, material and weight savings can be achieved, which conserve resources and reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles.

Light Construction

The hard particles (industrial diamonds) are applied at low temperatures. For the first time, components made of non-conductive materials can also be coated. This enables innovative material combinations that are entirely in the spirit of lightweight construction. In addition, due to the increased friction factor, components can often be reduced in size.

Reliable Coating Service

Miba is a reliable and innovative partner. In cooperation with you, we adapt GRIPCOAT® Direct and tailor the process to your specific needs and wishes. We create ideal conditions for you - from professional surveying technology such as 3D laser scans to rapid prototype development.

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Where is the product used?

Gripcoat Direct finds its application in many areas, whereby both statically and dynamically loaded components are being coated.

The following industries already benefit from Gripcoat Direct:

  • Automotive (ICE and e-mobility)
  • Rail Transport
  • Wind Turbines 
  • Construction and Agricultural Machinery
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • E-Bike

Fields of application:

Washers, Screws, Engine mounts, Spring struts, Friction plates for wind turbines, Belt pulleys, Bushes, Differential carriers, Crankshaft pulley, Sensor pulley, Carrier elements, Gearbox cover (e-bike), Screws

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