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Top performance through state-of-the-art PVD technology. Get a head start with High Tech Coatings GmbH as your development partner.

Our PVD coating can be individually optimised to your application to meet your demands.

Our in-house development team has  many years of experience with a wide range of PVD coatings making us the right coating partner for you and your applications.


  • Through our in-house development team

Our development team specialises in PVD technology and has many years of experience in developing new coatings for various applications in the aerospace, semiconductor, fuel cell and other industries.  We are therefore well equipped to support you in providing for your product the right coating for the respective application. It is possible to adapt our technology to a given coating and components as well as to develop a new coating for your individual component and the corresponding application.

  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment

Our magnetron sputtering technology enables us to deposit a wide variety of coatings and coating systems at comparably low temperatures and high purity. Especially the stable and reproducible process control, the very good layer homogeneities and the flexibility towards substrate geometries, characterise our magnetron sputtering technology. With several patch systems equipped with up to six magnetrons, we are capable of meeting your specific requirements. We also deposit coatings of magnetisable materials and precious metals without any problems. 

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