Friction materials

Friction materials of the Miba Friction Group are a key performance element in clutches and brakes in the international automotive and machine industries. By developing new friction materials and continuously improving existing friction materials, the Miba Friction Group is making a significant contribution to overall efficiency improvements to clutch and brake systems.

Whether construction equipment or mining vehicles, high-speed trains, aircraft, trucks or passenger vehicles – manufacturers and suppliers from a variety of industries trust the friction material solutions of the Miba Friction Group. As a development partner and supplier, we accompany our partners all over the world. Four global production sites allow us to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ needs and requirements.

Products & applications

The Miba Friction Group’s friction materials are used as wet- and dry-running components in the clutches and brakes of vehicles, machinery, aircraft and wind power plants as well as for industrial applications such as in the field of freight handling. In addition to in-house production of steel discs, Miba develops and produces fiber composite, sintered, ceramic, carbon and molybdenum friction materials. Our aim is to guarantee greater performance and operational safety through optimized friction coefficients and the best wear properties for ever smaller and lighter components.

Sintered brake pads for wind turbines


Miba offers a wide range of standard and customized friction materials. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art production processes, our products have stable friction coefficients and improved wear resistance.

Miba sintered brake pads are the key performance elements for brakes in wind turbine applications. Our friction materials are used both on the fast-rotating rotor shaft and the slow-rotating rotor shaft of wind turbines.



Research & development

A state-of-the-art research and development center enables us to continually improve Miba friction materials and develop new ones. Wet- and dry-running clutch and brake systems can be tested under various conditions according to individual customer specifications on over 20 component and system test benches. A wide variety of materials ranging from fiber composites to sintered materials through molybdenum and carbon are developed, tested and analyzed in our laboratory. Miba therefore has one of the world’s most comprehensive material portfolios for friction materials for clutches and brakes.

Our Technology Leadership is based on continuous fundamental research in cooperation with international research centers and universities. We are familiar with the technological trends and offer our customers efficient friction material solutions.


Production and sales sites on three continents allow the Miba Friction Group to respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of our customers around the world, providing them with high-quality friction material solutions.