Miba POWERfuse®

The Miba POWERfuse® is a pyrotechnic battery isolator that is triggered by a pyrotechnic actuator. Due to its special design, the power fuse is suitable for automated assembly, requires little space and low weight.



Bring the car to a safe condition with the power fuse

In the event of a technical fault or accident, the Miba POWERfuse® electrically disconnects the battery from the high-voltage vehicle electrical system. This rapid disconnection is triggered by a signal from the vehicle safety control system. The Miba power fuse makes a significant contribution to the safety of electric vehicles. Passengers and emergency personnel are also protected even in an emergency.

Miba POWERfuse®: What are the advantages of the power fuse?

In terms of weight and size, the Miba POWERfuse® is the most powerful power fuse on the market. The special design and excellent arc quenching effect enable an exceedingly short separation time.


Other advantages:

  • High cutting performance for safe cutting
  • Smaller and lighter compared to commercially available solutions
  • Low internal resistance
  • Fast release
  • No aging
  • Individual connection concept



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Business Unit Leader Power Safety Devices

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Small and light, but powerful

Thanks to its compact design, the Miba POWERfuse® can be integrated into very small spaces. It is 40-50% smaller than comparable power fuse. In addition, great importance was attached to low weight during development.

The special technology developed by Miba enables the highest power density compared to other solutions available on the market.

This is reflected in a high short-circuit current isolation capacity and is the basis for safe isolation in circuits - even with higher circuit inductances.

Why is Miba the right partner for your power fuse?

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As part of the development process, we can respond to the wishes of our customers in great detail and flexibly adapt the power fuse based on customer-specific requirements.

Employee examines power fuse with laboratory equipment.

All components are extensively tested in our in-house laboratory. In this way, we ensure that our customers receive a high-quality product for their applications.

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We are constantly working to make our products lighter, smaller and more powerful. We are happy to incorporate our development expertise and product knowledge into our customers' applications.

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Gerhard Stempfer
Business Unit Leader Power Safety Devices

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The unique quenching function and thus developed power density combined with a modular design approach allows us to safely isolate the required load cases with increasing short-circuit currents and high inductances. The Miba POWERfuse® can therefore be used for a broad base of customer load cases and applications in the HV range.

- Paul Battyhany, Product Engineer -

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