Journal bearing design
The journal bearing has a cylindrical, two-lobe or four-lobe bore. For high circumferential speed journal tilting pads can be used.

Thrust bearing capabilities
Plain white metal lined shoulders with oil grooves, taper land faces (one or both direction of rotation) or tilting pads are available depending on the level of thrust load.

Adaptable heat dissipation and lubrication 
Tailored options for oil supply are available. We support your preference ranging from natural convection , integrated water cooler up to complete lubrication units.

Loose Oil ring
An oil ring can be added for self-contained lubrication or securing the machine during an emergency shutdown

Seal solutions 
The seals are selected for the different operation conditions, environments and requested protection level. Ranging from IP 44 to IP 56 or End Cover. 


Electrical insulation
Z-bearings can be supplied electrically insulated and optionally with an earthing device.

Hydrostatic jacking 
For start-up loads above 1,5 – 2,0 MPa or continuous slow-roll / turning gear operation, hydrostatic jacking can be integrated to ensure product safety. A complete hydrostatic oil supply unit is also available.

Individual instrumentation
Temperature, housing vibration, shaft vibration, oil level or speed sensors can be integrated.

Customized Design
The bearing design can be customized to fit its environment. For example: Marine, offshore, explosive area (ATEX), mountainous regions or ambient temperatures below -25°C, etc.