How we enhance the efficiency and power densitiy of electric motors

Our goal is to provide rotors and stators that make electric motors more efficient and power-dense.

Stators and rotors are the main components of electric motors. As its name suggests, the stator is a stationary component which generates an electromagnetic field that drives the rotating rotor. Over the years, Miba has progressed into one of the leading suppliers of the socalled pin winding technology for stators.

With this method, a significantly higher copper fill factor can be achieved, that is, more copper can be applied into the stator. Conventional electric motors have copper fill factors of up to 45 percent – Miba’s technology increases this factor to up to 70 percent. Why is that important? The more copper is applied into the stator, the more efficient is the motor. As a result, the battery used can be designed smaller. For high performing sports cars and trucks, we offer the production of stators and rotors; for the passenger car segment, we build manufacturing equipment for stators. In both segments, we rely on a strong engineering team that covers the entire motor development or assists our customers with motor layout and ensures efficient manufacturability.