Working where others travel

Torsten Endres
Head of Operations Battery Components, Miba eMobility Team

In 2010, Torsten was looking for an exciting management assignment in an interesting company where innovation and growth are valued along with sustainability. He very much liked Miba’s combination: a family company yet listed on the stock exchange (at that time). The stock exchange listing provided standards and transparency; he knew what conditions were awaiting him. The internationality and the collaboration with different cultures were also an important prerequisite for him. Since Torsten and his wife had lived abroad for many years already, nothing stood in the way of another international assignment. The only condition: It should be in an attractive location. After the US and England, it would be Roitham in Upper Austria.  

Following the interview, Torsten and his wife took a vacation at the Attersee lake in order to get to know the area better. After a week, they were convinced, and the move to Gmunden by the Traunsee lake was planned. The weekend before his first day at work at Miba, Torsten took a bicycle tour where he met up with an amateur cycling team. He struck up a conversation with some of the other cyclists and was soon added to the team’s roster as reinforcement. It was here with this cycling team that Torsten found his sports home. In his time off, he enjoys riding his bicycle and, after a successful career in triathlon, now specializes in individual time trials. Training conditions in the Salzkammergut region are optimal. Torsten sees parallels between his hobby and his work: Improve something every day, both the systems (machines and processes) as well as the employees, who are constantly evolving. Cycling is similar: In the winter, he works on his bike and optimizes his training methods – and in the summer at races, he finds out if these changes have been successful.

Torsten enjoys the warmth and friendliness of the Upper Austrians, he finds their positive curiosity inspiring.