A strong foundation of the MIBA 100 Strategy

Our corporate mission “Technologies for a Cleaner Planet” is the strong foundation for the “Miba 100” strategy. With our technologies, we want to make a contribution to a cleaner planet. And we focus on sustainability in our daily processes, in production as well as in administration.  This mission has been motivating and driving us since 2013, and today it is more significant than ever. The future belongs to sustainable technologies, so our corporate mission offers growth opportunities through 2027 and beyond.


In 2027, Miba will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Our new corporate strategy “Miba 100” defines how we want to grow sustainably and profitably until then, and how we want to set course for the second century of our company’s history. Led by our corporate mission “Technologies for a Cleaner Planet”, we want to utilize the megatrends of decarbonization and digitalization to energize our growth. As in the past, we will continue to be a solution provider for our customers, driven by our innovation culture and the ambition of our people that we call the Miba Spirit.

Miba is like a tree with firm roots, strong branches and with the power to let new additional branches grow.

Our strategy

Striving for Technology Leadership in demanding, economically attractive market segments along the energy value chain by utilizing the potential of decarbonization and digitalization


Our goals

  • Transforming Miba to shape the next 100 years
  • Growth both in our core businesses and also entrance in new fields organically and through M&A
  • Global no. 1 in our market segments
  • Inspiring place to work
  • Sustainable growth to over EUR 1.5 billion

Our values

  • Technological Leadership
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Passion for Success

Technology and product leadership along the energy value chain

In pursuit of our ambitious vision, we strive for technology and product leadership in demanding, economically attractive and growing market segments along the entire energy value chain. This extends from products for applications for energy generation and transmission, up to such for its storage and use. And we want to continue to improve conventional powertrains with our technologies. As we have always done, we will continue to develop and work in close cooperation with our customers. It is in our DNA to be a solution provider, and to offer them the most relevant and suitable products for their demanding challenges.


Fundamental drivers of our success

There are two core prerequisites to guarantee our future success and sustainable growth: our hungriness for innovation, leading to technology and product leadership in our market segments and the skills and passion of our people that we describe as Miba Spirit. Together we take responsibility, continuously collaborate across all borders and create the best environment to grow together for the future of each individual, our company, our customers and our planet.