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We offer stator and rotor parts for radial flux motors based on pin-winding technology and according to customer specifications. They are used in high performance and energy efficient applications
applications in the automotive and truck industry.

Benefits of Miba Radial Flux Motor

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Highest power density with minimum installation space

With Miba LapWinding® we have designed a unique winding scheme. Hairpin design and its impact on the winding process when assembling a radial flux motor is one of Miba's core competencies. Thanks to many years of development work, we are able to optimise tolerances. This results in reduced winding head height and a high copper fill factor for superior power density.

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High continuous power with innovative cooling concepts

Innovative cooling concepts enable our development teams to ensure stable thermal conditions.  As a result, our radial flux motors achieve continuous performance that comes close to peak power.

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Optimized production processes for cost efficiency

In-depth know-how in industrialization and automation enable us to implement robust manufacturing processes. These lead to stable production with low scrap rates and high overall plant effectiveness. In this way, we ensure cost-optimized production of radial flux motors.

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What characterizes a radial flux motor?

In a radial flux motor, the magnetic flux is generated circularly (in the radial direction). They have a significantly smaller volume of permanent magnets. This makes them more sustainable and less expensive. At the same time, it also makes them easier to install, compared to other motor variants. 


Magnetic flux and winding resistance are kept short by using concentrated windings. Losses can thus be minimized. High torque results from the distance from the center of rotation of the motor to the air gap, where tangential forces are generated. Radial flux motors are characterized by greater torque due to this increased distance.


Another advantage is the increased power density. To achieve this, however, efficient heat dissipation from inside the motor is necessary. Here, Miba offers comprehensive know-how and advice on innovative cooling concepts for both stator and rotor cooling.

Miba technology for your radial flux motor

  • Highest number of pins per slot for maximum efficiency
  • Patented winding scheme
  • Platform designs in terms of parts and material (e.g. platform for truck or off-road)
  • Slot cooling technology for maximum continuous performance

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Turnkey solution from one supplier

Our customers benefit from interdisciplinary technology development and bundled competencies from product development to plant construction within Miba.

From engineering to prototype construction, series products and complete production lines for radial flow motors, we can map the entire process internally. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop customized and efficient solutions.

Analysis on electromagnetic simulation

-> Detailed analysis on electromagnetic simulation
-> Winding and insulation design
-> Production parameter optimization
-> Overall feasibility study based on Miba in-house parametric design database

Prototype construction

-> Unique setup of highly flexible prototype production equipment
-> A/B/C samples
-> Serial production tooling

Production Step Pre-widening

-> Ramp up support and peak coverage
-> Complete radial and axial flux machines

Produktionsanlage für Radialflussmotor

-> Fully automated and flexible lines for production and assembly of stators

->  Precisely tailored to individual production requirements
-> Latest technology

-> Highest quantities

Why Miba is your partner for radial flux motors

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