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FLEXcooler® - the highly integrated cooling element with a flexible surface

The thermal management of batteries is key for range, lifespan and a decisive aspect of successful fast charging. To meet all these requirements, liquid cooling systems are the method of choice with the big challenge to achieve a good thermal connection between the battery modules / battery cells and the cooling system.

To solve this challenge, Miba has developed the FLEXcooler® – a highly integrated cooling element with an adaptive surface. This patented cooling solution offers a flexible shape which adapts to the battery cells or any other to be cooled surface while also serving as a structural element, depending on its level of system integration. It is the first liquid cooling solution on the market that optimally absorbs and dissipates heat due to the close connection between the battery cells and the cooling surface whereas no gap fillers –  i.e. materials to fill the space between the battery cells and the cooling system – are required to establish a form-fit conjunction. In addition, the Miba FLEXcooler® offers a lightweight design which can be used either for prismatic, cylindrical or pouch battery cells.

Depending on the functionality our customers desire, the FLEXcooler® can be equipped with various smart sensors and heating appliances to form the iFLEXcooler®, which provides for a quick and efficient conditioning and an improved level of safety and monitoring of the whole integrated battery system.


Flexible adaptation to your application

Apart from its flexible and adaptive cooling surface Miba’s FLEXcooler® is designed and engineered to meet the specific requirements of each of our customers’ applications.  This flexible approach is not limited to the required technical specifications of the FLEXcooler®.

Its flexibility also relates to various shapes and concepts of integration our customers are looking for. Whether it is about a cooling solution with direct contact to the battery cells or with the module/pack – the adaptability of the FLEXcooler® ensures the realization of a form-fit and high-performant cooling solution without the necessity of a mechanical conjunction. Based on your concept for an application our engineers will provide a suitable and efficient solution.

Miba’s definition of flexible cooling

With the market introduction of the FLEXcooler®, Miba has re-defined the flexibility of cooling solutions. The flexible cooling surface of Miba’s FLEXcooler® allows for its adaption to various kinds of counterparts with a high ability to compensate tolerances. After inserting the unpressurized FLEXcooler® into the system during the assembly, the FLEXcooler® inflates itself by applying the low operating pressure necessary through the cooling fluid and expands until it establishes a form-fit conjunction with the cooling surface of the battery cells or the counterparts (module/pack/housing). This form-fit conjunction does not need any form of gap filling or supporting material to realize a high thermal conductivity but also a high value of electrical isolation and structural stability. Moreover, and depending on the specific application/configuration, the flexibility of the FLEXcooler® provides for the realization of a lightweight but highly integrated and structurally stable battery system solution.


The highly integrated liquid cooling system solution

Regardless of our customer’s specific applications and no matter whether these are aiming at the realization of sidewise cooling or bottom/pole cooling solutions, the FLEXcooler® will be designed and customized to adapt itself to the type of battery cell used and to the shape of any other surface of the module, pack or housing it is in contact with. In doing so, the FLEXcooler® is offering additional advantages such as:


  • No gap-filling or thermal-conductive material necessary to establish high thermal conductivity and structural stability
  • Adapts well to various kinds of geometries and surfaces
  • Compensates manufacturing / assembly tolerances
  • Allows for narrow gaps between components and therefore safes space to promote the energy density of the battery design
  • High flexibility when it comes to the development of the design
  • High thermal conductivity yet high value of electrical non-conductivity / isolation.

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The iFLEXcooler® offers add-on functionalty to the FLEXcooler® and is Miba’s answer to our customers desire of advanced system monitoring and an increase of safety whereas the assembly effort maintains at the same low and agile-automatable level.

Miba’s smart iFLEXcooler® offers the same cooling performance as the FLEXcooler® but offers the additional option for efficient heating of the battery cells/system to establish a faster conditioning of the system temperature, as well as monitoring through various sensors. This provides for high availability and longevity of the battery system. 

Benefits of the iFLEXcooler®:

  • Integrated heating possible
  • Different types of sensors possible: temperature, humidity, pressure,…
  • Reduction of wiring
  • Measurement at the point of interest
  • Easy installation



Aktiver Temperaturausgleich mit passiver Komponente

  • Very high thermal conductivity
  • Non-liquid circuit
  • Non-electric conductive component
  • Very low ΔT
  • Design flexibility



Solution for niche applications:

  • Flexible design
  • Highest modularity
  • Cost efficient
  • Integrated cooling
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