Bearing Optimization

Miba Industrial Bearings manufactures custom-engineered designs and bearings built to customer prints, but even when asked to build the customer’s design, we may recommend improvements to optimize the bearing for the application.


Success Case: Compressors

One such case was a compressor company based in the US who contacted Miba for input concerning some hot running bearings in the field. Miba provided bearing data for the existing customer design and a new high-performance Advantage bearing with pocket feed direct lubrication, copper chrome pads and pad cooling orifices. 


The existing field bearing was running at 246F/119C, and after installing the upgraded Advantage bearings, the analysis confirmed the bearing temperatures were reduced 38F / 21C! The customer was so happy with the outcome that they are considering making the new upgraded Miba design their new standard for future compressor production.


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