Bearing Research & Development

Miba Industrial Bearings employs a global team of highly qualified engineers in the area of research and development. They belong to six locations on three continents and deal with an extreme variety of customer problems, applications, and specifications. Incorporating and integrating this diverse wealth of experience into our R&D work is a very unique benefit that our customers value.



  • Global Research Team 
  • Close partnerships with universities
  • Teamwork between R&D and application engineers
  • Cross-divisional R&D projects


  • Optimized Designs
  • Increase performance and power density
  • Reduce power loss and lubricant consumption
  • Optimization of calculation tools


  • Research new materials (material combinations)
  • Coatings
  • Bonded Coatings

Simulation & Analysis

Our (in-house) calculation programs are able to simulate the bearing operation and visualize the flow, deformation or stress behavior. In this way, we can analyze product designs and also clarify difficult customer questions in advance. Finite Element Method (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools are an indispensable addition to our test benches in order to guarantee you the best technical solution. 


Eddy Grooves


A bearing pad design feature for higher performance that disturbs the laminar lubricant flow and creates a cooling effect by mixing cooler oil near the shaft with warmer oil near the bearing surface. 


Test Stands

Since 2013, two bearing test benches for radial bearings have been in heavy use at the Göttingen site for conducting experiments and trial series aimed at improving performance, efficiency and operational safety. The focus is currently on improving the performance of bearings.The test bench configuration makes it possible to examine bearings in a wide range of 0–140 m/s circumferential speed (<25,000 rpm) at specific static loads of up to 10 MPa (max. static load: 63 kN) and dynamic loads of up to 5 kN. 

Advantages of Miba Industrial Bearings

  • 100+ Years of fluid film-bearing experience
  • High-level responsiveness
  • Experts in engineering and improvement of the hydrodynamic bearing system
  • Calculation and design package from one source
  • Trusted Miba Quality (tight tolerances and high production quality)
  • Reliable service of babbitted bearings & troubleshooting

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