Labyrinth Seals

Seal solutions can make a big difference in the way your rotating equipment performs. Our business is servicing our customers’ needs for the repair and manufacture of labyrinth seals and bearings for turbomachinery, either in-kind or customized to your operation.




  • Expanders
  • Gas turbines 
  • Generators
  • Integrally geared compressors
  • Single shaft compressors
  • Steam turbines
  • Turbo gearboxes 


  • Up to OD 1000mm (40") 
  • Call us to discuss your application


  • Aluminum
  • Bronze; Bronze/Babbitt
  • Felt Metal
  • Fluorosint
  • Nickel Graphite; Nickel Silver
  • Ni-resist
  • PEEK
  • Steel; Steel/Babbitt
  • Higher Efficiency
    The key to maximizing efficiency is installing seals that can run with close clearances and can maintain these clearances even after a normal rub occurs.
  • Improving Oil-Guard Design
    One of the problems for rotating equipment is oil leaks. Miba has engineered many different solutions to the specific problems encountered in the field. (Click here to read the whitepaper)
  • Seal Types 
    Miba have the capability of manufacturing most types of metallic seals including oil seals, air seals, hydrogen seals, steam turbine packing seals and compressor seals.

Upgrade & Save money

An ethylene producer in East Texas wanted to increase the efficiency of its centrifugal compressors without sacrificing reliability. A good way to achieve that added performance was to replace the OEM aluminium interstage and balance-piston seals with thermoplastic labyrinths. Relying on our reputation they decided to upgrade one compressor and measure the results for themselves. The upgraded unit performed so well; we were asked to do the same for eight more compressors. The project went smoothly, efficiency improved, and today, that customer is extremely pleased with the performance gains. Click here for case study

Metallic vs. Polymer

A metallic seal is installed per OEM clearance. When the rotor contacts the seal during a transient event, the teeth are permanently deformed. This results in galling on the rotor, larger clearances, and more leakage. A properly designed polymer seal will have tighter installation clearances to reduce leakage. However, in a transient event, the polymer teeth deflect and move with the rotor. After the rub, the tooth regains its original “as-installed” clearance with no damage to the rotor. Click here to read the whitepaper.


Advantages of Miba Industrial Bearings

  • 100+ Years of fluid film-bearing experience

  • High-level responsiveness

  • Experts in engineering and improvement of the hydrodynamic bearing system

  • Calculation and design package from one source

  • Trusted Miba Quality (tight tolerances and high production quality)

  • Reliable service of babbitted bearings & troubleshooting


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