Supplier Relationship Management


Miba is a global and profitable player on the world markets. Procurement & Supplier management is a key commercial driver by providing an essential and measurable contribution to the value and technology of our products.

Our suppliers are carefully selected partners who contribute to our success through highest quality of their products, reliabiltiy and flexibility of supply and competitive pricing. We strive to establish long-term relationships and integrate our key suppliers into the development process and the supply chain.


Miba’s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) ensures efficient operations with our suppliers. It encompasses strategic planning and continual optimization of all processes and methods. Standardized communication channels, transparent operations and continual performance monitoring of the supply chain process help us to reach our technology, cost, quality and delivery targets together.
This makes it possible for our suppliers to evolve into partners with whom we can work together to find the optimal solutions for our customers.
CSR & Sustainability

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are of particular concern to Miba as a family business and leading Austrian company. Defining a sustainability strategy only for one's own operations has not been enough for a long time. Miba's suppliers form an integrated part of the supply chains and are thus part of the overall sustainability program. The defined sustainability criteria have been laid down in Miba's own "Code of Conduct". Our suppliers' commitment to this is mandatory - in the event of deviations, targeted measures are defined and milestones are tracked jointly.

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