"Together, we create a worldwide supplier of battery systems."

In the summer of 2019, Miba acquired a stake in Voltlabor. Based in Bad Leonfelden, Upper Austria, Voltlabor specializes in the development and production of batteries. Ideally complementing one another, the skillsets of the two companies are pooled in order to leverage opportunities for growth. Their common objective is to create a major supplier for the development and production of battery systems that, headquartered in Austria, will be operating globally.

While Voltlabor has gathered comprehensive expertise as a manufacturer of integral battery systems, Miba’s focus has been on the development and production of components. Miba makes its thermal management technologies for batteries available to this joint venture; these play a key role in ensuring the optimal function of the battery as a whole. In addition, Miba shares its expertise in the industrialization of production processes, access to customers and markets around the world, and its production facilities on four continents. So far, Voltlabor has mainly produced battery systems for autonomous applications such as self-propelled forklift trucks. By partnering with Miba, it seeks to broaden its portfolio and market it on a global scale.