Axial Flux Motor

Miba axial flow motors are characterised by compactness, a high degree of integration and customer-friendly assembly. They are mainly used in auxiliary drives, for example in electric hydraulic and pump units.

The perfect solution to electrify your auxiliaries

Compact design

- High torque density thanks to SMC

- Integrated into product solutions

- Efficient use of materials and resources

Ready for installation

- Pre-assembled
- EOL approved
- Easy assembly process at customer site

Integrated into the customer application
Integrated in customer application

- Customized design
- Seamlessly installed
- Price advantage due to reduced number of engine components

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Different applications for axial flux motors

Axial flux motors are used when installation space is at a minimum and thus a disc-shaped design is helpful. This makes them suitable for a range of high-performance applications in the drive train where space is limited, such as


  • Oil pump motors
  • Water pump motors
  • HVAC motors
  • Industrial robotics
  • Ultra-flat actuators

Efficient guidance of the magnetic fields in all three dimensions

Miba axial flux motors with soft magnetic composite (SMC) material enable efficient guidance of magnetic fields in all three dimensions (3D flux). A unique combination of SMC with electrical laminations provides the ideal balance between high material saturation and maximum flux utilisation for efficient axial flux motors.

Learn the key benefits of soft magnetic composite components for both engine design and production processes on our SMC page.

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Radial vs axial flux motor: where is the advantage?

The difference is already apparent in the installation dimensions. The axial flux motor is built extremely compactly, but at the same time the power and torque remain high.

In this motor, the stator is installed next to the rotor disc, not outside as in RF motors. The direction of the electromagnetic flux is essential. In an axial flux motor, it flows parallel to the axis of rotation of the motor. In the radial flux motor, on the other hand, it flows perpendicular to the axis of rotation along an outward radius.

Why Miba is your partner for axial flux motors

Our Experts

"The installation space requirements of axial flux motors make very short electric motors possible, which at the same time are characterised by their high material efficiency. Combined with a well thought-out design concept, this results in commercially advantageous solutions for many areas of electrical drive technology."

- Dietmar Andessner, Team Lead Product Development eMotors -