The Strategic Unit Coating's innovative coating process GRIPCOAT® Direct increases the friction coefficient and consequently your business performance.

Areas of ​​application

GRIPCOAT® Direct meets a wide range of requirements in friction enhancing functional areas. For the first time, it is possible to partially and economically apply hard particles (industrial diamonds) directly to components. The automatic, flexible coating can be adapted to your special industrial requirements and does not use wet-chemical processes.

Body & Chassis
e.g. axle suspension, pendulum support, balancer, impact absorber

e.g. timing gear, camshaft drive, crank drive, turbocharger, e-axle, planetary gear, vibration damper

Engine & Transmission Suspension
e.g. engine mount, vibration damper

Your top benefits at a glance

GRIPCOAT® Direct opens new possibilities for developers and producers in the automotive industry:


GRIPCOAT® Direct is an automated coating process for friction increase that is certified for the automotive industry. The industrial process is flexibly extensible, can be adapted to meet your requirements and features exceptionally high availability.

The process

Friction enhancing coating: Diamond particles are applied to the components using atmospheric plasma. The industrial diamonds that are used are encased in nickel. This metallic casing ensures that the hard particles fuse with the substrate to form a permanent bond. The coating itself is also a low-temperature process. Even materials such as aluminum alloys, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), magnesium and polymeric materials are suitable for this process. GRIPCOAT® Direct was developed, tested and qualified in close cooperation with the Chemnitz University of Technology.


Hard particle size (industrial diamonds)

Microform bonding due to hard particles without additional retention matrix

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