Stators and Rotors for electric motors

Attractive electromobility requires powerful and efficient drives, the only way to combine utility value, range and a positive driving experience. 

Miba has set itself the goal of producing electric motors with maximum efficiency and power density. To achieve this, we rely on pin-winding technology in the most crucial part of the drive train.


We develop customized solutions in the upper performance range such as sports cars and commercial vehicles (on- and off-road). Our service covers the entire life cycle, from the first layout, optimized simulation tools and production-ready prototypes to the serial production of stators and rotors.



Miba technology advantage

  • Due to the unique setup of having manufacturing equipment, product design and production experience under one roof, Miba is able to create outstanding solutions for eMotor products and platforms. 
  • Highest number of pins per slot for maximum efficiency.
  • Patented Winding scheme for maximum efficiency.
  • Platform designs with commonality in parts and material (e.g. platform for truck or off-road vehicle family).
  • Slot cooling technology for maximum continuous power
  • Slotlinerless technology for maximum copper fill factor
  • Miba is one of the pioneers for Hairpin Technology, realizing projects in the automotive sector since 2014.

Miba eMotor Plattforms

  • Platform designs with commonality of parts and material available (e.g. platform for truck or off-road vehicle family).

  • Standardization of parts and a minimum Investment in tooling is already considered in the concept phase. That way we can assure minimum costs at highest performance and efficiency levels.

  • With our flexible production concept we can realize annual volumes between 1.000 and 50.000 pieces.

Customer Value

  • Focus on eMotors with highest efficiency and performance

  • Miba secures maximum numbers of conductors per slot with in-house manufacturing equipment. This leads to significantly reduced skin- and proximity effect and therefore reduce losses especially at higher revolutions and frequencies.

  • Miba LapWinding®: Miba has developed a unique winding scheme that secures the avoidance of circulating currents.


Miba strives to be the preferred supplier for applications with highest demand in efficiency and power-density.


  • Sportscars
  • Truck and Bus
  • Off-Road
  • Rail