PCC – Pro Control Compound
Clutch Button by Miba

Shift up to a new standard for clutch systems.
The clutch lining is not only essential for the transmission of the engine torque, it is equally important for the wear of the clutch and the shifting comfort. Frequent shifting in construction trucks and special vehicles exposes the material to significant load. At Miba, this is a challenge we cherish. Our response: Miba PCC.

Miba PCC is the further development of sintermetallic clutch linings and defines a new standard for clutch systems. Miba PCC is the first clutch lining worldwide to combine the advantages of sintermetallic and organic friction materials, allowing you to benefit from the long service life of a sintermetallic lining without compromising the high shifting comfort of an organic friction lining.

It’s a sintermetallic evolution: Pro Control Compound

Miba PCC is a milestone in the development of progressive clutch linings and has the potential to be significantly superior to organic linings in selected segments. With its improved properties, Miba PCC offers new possibilities to downsize clutch systems. Offering reduced lifecycle costs and high shifting comfort, Miba PCC produces significant added value for the end customer. Get ready for the future of clutch systems.

The excellent drivability is comparable to advanced organic friction linings. Even at maximum strain, there are no unpleasant odors. In addition, the costs of the clutch disk can be reduced with Miba PCC. A calculation of the overall costs reveals that there is a significant savings potential for some applications.

Miba PCC:
No compromise in lifetime and comfort.


Miba PCC: No compromise on lifetime and comfort

  • High friction coefficient stability
  • High resistance to wear
  • Damping of firction vibrations
  • Increased power density
  • Irrespective of series volume


Well-proven technology irrespective of series volume

Miba’s new clutch linings are ready for industrial production. Miba relies on existing volume production technologies with a high degree of automation and maximum flexibility. A clearly defined process structure translates into top product quality. This allows us to handle an order volume of several million parts per year just as efficiently and reliably as contracts for niche markets. Whether you manufacture construction vehicles, trucks or passenger vehicles: Miba PCC’s reliable product quality gives you the edge irrespective of your series volume.


Worldwide availability and strong development partnership

Due to our many years of experience, leading Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs rely on us as the development partner of choice. As a company with a global footprint, we are represented in every important market and are therefore always close to our customers. Benefit from our technologically leading and customized solutions to gain a lasting edge.

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