Devise new ideas, development and testing – in the Miba MAKERspace we drive innovations in the field of e-mobility and digitalization ! Everything you need for an innovative idea can be found here. All that are required are clever minds, a few tools and a place where you can live your creativity. Miba has just created such a space, located at its headquarter in Laakirchen: The so-called MAKERspace – a special innovation lab – providing start-up spirit while at the same time offering space for research, development and prototype construction. A place where inspiration is unlimited!

The Miba
MAKERspace – more than just a container

Anybody can use a garage – the start-up atmosphere of the Miba MAKERspace can be felt within the modified containers, just within walking distance of the Miba Forum.


In the Miba MAKERspace we're breathing new life into our creative ideas. Up to ten people can work in this co-working space – on their own or together in a team on projects. The MAKERspace serves as an interface between the Miba Forum and all the Miba Sites. Whether it be brainstorming, discussion and the exchange of ideas, production of prototypes or the testing of new ideas – everything is allowed, everything is possible. Innovative technologies such as Additive Manufacturing or Augmented Reality are used in the Miba MAKERspace; as well as simple mechanical and electrical activities, depending on the project requirements that must be met.


In the Miba MAKERspace, we realize future-oriented solutions – for the benefit of our company, the environment and society.

As difficult as it may seem in the beginning – we are not deterred by technological challenges, on the contrary: they inspire us!


For a cleaner planet

At Miba, we work every day to make drive technologies more efficient and environmentally friendly. Entirely in line with our corporate mission "Innovation in Motion - Technologies for a Cleaner Planet". The Miba MAKERspace should also work towards making our mission tangible. This benefits not only us as a company, but also our partners: they should be able to use and experience the creative freedom in the new Innovation Lab as well. In the MAKERspace we therefore hold meetings and carry out tests and trials together with our customers. So that they will also be electrified by a new idea at the end of the day!

Current projects

  • E-Mobility: Development of innovative components for future lithium-ion batteries
  • Intelligent Components: Digitization of Miba components
  • Additive Manufacturing: application of 3D printing technology
  • Digital Twin: connecting the real world with the digital world (augmented reality)