With SPACECOAT®, High Tech Coatings GmbH enables you to precisely adjust the backlash of your gears and thus optimises both the NVH behaviour (noise and vibration behaviour) and the wear behaviour.

SPACECOAT® is an assembly coating specially developed for drives, which is used for the backlash adjustment of gears. The additive polymer coating enables simple, fast and both cost-effective and precise assembly. This precise assembly makes it possible to maintain very narrow tolerance fields and thus reduce noise, vibrations and wear.

During assembly, the SPACECOAT®-coated gear is mounted and fixed,backlash-free against one or more mating gears. In the cold test of the motor, the optimised backlash is established by abrasion of the coating during the run-in.


The elimination of centre distance tolerances and defined clearances greatly improves engine acoustics. Comparison tests with conventional methods of gear adjustment show noise reductions of up to 5 dB (total engine external noise).


Due to the simple and precise method, there are very short assembly times in the assembly line and thus a clear cost advantage.


When using SPACECOAT®, both wear and friction can be reduced through the precise clearance adjustment. If you compare the SPACECOAT® technology with a split-gear system, the friction is reduced by up to 20 percent.


The elimination of more complex split-gear systems or similar systems is also reflected in the weight. The gear wheels themselves can be made smaller thanks to the SPACECOAT® coating.

This also results in a reduction in consumption and CO2 emissions.


Miba is a reliable partner with a high level of innovative strength. For example, the SPACECOAT® coating process was developed and patented together with one of Germany's largest OEMs. Thanks to the trust and satisfaction of our partners and customers, we can look back on years of serial production in this field. This experience allows us to offer a completely mature and fully automated process that only needs to be adapted to the specific wishes and requirements of our customers.

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Fields of application:

SPACECOAT® can be used as an adjustment layer in a wide variety of applications. Currently, the most common application is for balancer shafts and oil pumps.

Four-cylinder engines typically use balancer shafts to reduce engine vibrations. However, this creates new noise problems:

  • A to high tooth mesh frequency leads to howling
  • A non-optimized backlash leads to rattles

Tolerances such as runout, centre distance, thermal expansion and orbital shaft movements are the reason for the high clearances between the teeth. A smaller backlash reduces the shock intensity in case of rotational irregularities and thus the noise level. The reduced backlash achieved with our SPACECOAT® coating also reduces noise from gear meshing. In principle, SPACECOAT® can be used in the automotive sector anywhere, where a variable centre distance (displacementtyp. <1 mm) is realizable, such as in the case of:

  •  intermediate wheels,
  •  oil pumps,
  • Add-on balance shaft units

In the truck sector, SPACECOAT® can be used for NVH reduction from gear drives of the crankshaft to the camshaft at the intermediate gears or high-pressure pumps.

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